We have been talking lot about no-gi BJJ. Also, we talked about the best BJJ knee brace. One thing we do lot in BJJ is shooting in for a take down whether it be a single leg or double leg take downs. From my experience, I believe it’s good to have proper knee protection.
We will talk about the best BJJ knee pads that can help you when you roll. 

We will look at the benefits I’ve learned from wearing knee protection and also how it can help you too. So let’s go!

In many grappling arts, there are some common injuries. 

There is one injury that plagues most that are injuries to the knees.
We learned earlier from my BJJ knee brace posting about the parts of the knee and the injuries that can happen. You can check it out if you want to learn more.

One thing that wasn’t mentioned was protecting the kneecap (patella). 

In BJJ there are many take downs that involve the knees just like the one done in wrestling and most wrestlers wear knee pads. It is good to wear some protection especially if you shoot a lot for take downs. 

When shooting most of the time people bang their knees of the ground. Wearing good knee pads protects the patella and stops future injuries. 

So, let’s look at some knee pads that I recommend for you.

Best BJJ Knee Pads

ASICS Unisex Gel Wrestling Knee Pad

When I think of grappling ASICS come to mind. These wrestling knee pads are also great for us BJJ players. They provide support and cushioning forthe knees. They are not bulky so the can also be worn under your gi too.
The pads have a special gel material with absorbing impact on your knees. So, you can do your take downs with confidence. 

Cliff Keen Wraptor Lycra Knee Pad 2.0

Cliff Keen is another brand familiar to grappling. What their Wraptor knee pads offer is being durable yet being breathable.
Made with antimicrobial materials which are important to grapplers. Also, the material is non-slip keeping it in place when you roll hard. Also, the material is non-slip keeping it in place when you roll hard. 

Bodyprox Protective Knee Pads

These Bodyprox knee pads are an excellent form of protection for BJJ players. They feature an ergonomic design that fits your body well. The knee cups have a high-density foam that helps with high-pressure impacts. Not only does it protect you. It keeps you warm, so you can wear it in comfort.

Venum “Kontact” Lycra/Gel Knee Pads

When I think on Venum MMA and BJJ comes to mind. These knee pads are specially made for grapplers in mind. Made with a gel core wrapped in Lycra. These are very comfortable and you with optimal protection. Also, they are very breathable. Making one of best BJJ, MMA knee pads.

McDavid Knee Pad with Thick Gel

McDavid is known for their knee and joint protection.
Made from a latex-free neoprene and nylon fabric. Making it very sturdy, while very flexible. The knee cup has a gel material which gives you lots of impact protection.

Cliff Keen Impact Bubble Knee Pad

Here is another hit from Cliff Keen. The impact Bubble. Like it has in its name. These knee pads are like having a bubble cushion around your knees. Ready to absorb any blow that comes to your knees.

ASICS Gel II Wrestling Knee Sleeve

The ASICS Gel II makes for great BJJ knee support. Especially for those looking for jiu-jitsu knee sleeves.

Made with durable and breathable material. They also feature ASICS patent Gel material. 

McDavid Teflx Padded Leg Sleeves and Compression

Here is another great installment from McDavid.
The Telflx leg sleeves are one of the best knee pads for martial arts. 

With a 9mm hex pad foam encased in breathable flexible nylon fabric. These pads stay in place by giving you protection and compression.

Brute Nylon Neoprene Kneepad

Brute Kneepad is a knee pad well suited for us BJJ players. With its nylon and neoprene shell. It provides support and padding for your knee. Also, with a low profile. These pads fit well under gi pants.

Bauerfeind – GenuTrain – Knee Support

Bauerfeind is well known for its great knee supports and pads. Made of a breathable and supportive material. That provides padding and support for the knees. Make this bauerfeind knee brace bjj players choice.


The most important part of training BJJ is staying healthy. Keeping your body in great shape helps you to keep training more and you get to progress. 
That’s why wearing protective gear like knee pads and mouth guards. Wearing these will help keep you say throughout your BJJ career. 
Check out this Reddit bjj knee pads posting to see some other BJJ players viewpoint on BJJ protection. Hopefully, you learned a lot from me. As always … Let‘s Roll!