When searching for that new gi things might get confusing. Your thinking what size fits me, what color can I wear, what’s a good gi brand? I was in your shoes. Let us help you and guide you to that gi that right for what you want to do. You can also use the gi chart that we have. Even if you’re just looking for a plain white Gi.

If you want to find out more about how to pick a gi or what they are made from. You can check out our gi guide.BRAZILIAN JIU JITSU GI
Now let’s move on to what you are here for. We go over some of our top gi recommendations for training and competition. There are sections for men, women, and kids. All of the suggestions will be linked to Brazilian jiu-jitsu gi amazon sellers. So can be picked up quickly by you. Now let’s roll!

Best All Around Gis

When it comes to all around gis, the title is as it sounds. This gis checks all the right boxes. You can use them for training and for competition. Meaning they are also IBJJF compliant. They are kinda like the jack of all trades when it comes to gis. Here are our top choices, and recommendations.

plain white jiu jitsu gi


Reference Design Group Lightweight BJJ Gi

RDG (Reference Design Group) BJJ gi is our top is top recommended all around gi. RDG gis is known for its minimalist design. When you first look at this plain white jiu-jitsu gi, nothing sticks out to you. It’s for the BJJ player who wants to let their game talk and not their gi. What this gi lacks in a flash it makes up with the materials it’s made of. Let’s first look at the gi top. It’s made from 350gsm Pearl weave and reinforced in the significantly stressed area. It has bolstered sleeves which helps in your grip fighting game. The pants are made up of 10 oz cotton and are reinforced in the major stressed points too.  This makes the RDG our number one recommend all around gi. Lightweight, minimalist design. All you have to do is suit up and roll.


jiu-jitsu gi brands

Hayabusa Goorudo 3.0  Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi

Hayabusa Goorudo 3.0 is our second recommend all around gi. If you know about BJJ, you know Hayabusa jiu-jitsu gi brands. Goorudo 3.0 gives a lot to you. The top is made with 550gsm Gold weave cotton. Which is reinforced around the collar and high stressed areas? Gi pants are made with 12 oz twill cotton blend. The knees and other highly stressed spots are reinforced. This gi is a good all around gi,being durable, lightweight and soft . You can see why this gi is recommended. This one you will have to check out too.


fuji all around gi review

Fuji All Around BJJ Gi

Here is our last installment in our all-around gi section.
The Fuji All Around BJJ Gi. This gi from Fuji which is a to gi brand has gained a following around the world. It’s an excellent gi and very well made. The top is a poly-cotton blend reinforced collar and reinforced in all the right areas. The bottom is made from the same cotton blend also strengthened this time in the knees and vital stress areas. This gi may be third on the list, but it’s an excellent gi that we recommend and you gotta check. Here is a short fuji all around gi review video.



Best BJJ Competition Gi

Here we go stepping up the best BJJ Competition gis that we recommend. Check them out and get suited up for your next competition.


best jiu jitsu gi

Gold BJJ Jiu Jitsu Gi

Gold is one of the top BJJ, and it shows in this gi. Gold BJJ gi is of course made of no other than the most excellent Gold weave material. Which is as you know a premium material which is soft, and durable. The Gi top is made from a 450gsm weave. Which gives it double the texture of a single weave gi but lighter and stronger. The collar and neck area has a built-in rash guard making it very comfortable. Reinforcements are made in the collar and all the critical stress and failing points making this a durable gi. Moving on to the pants they are made of a solid 10 oz ripstop material and also reinforced in the vital stress points. This gi being a competition gi is IBJJF compliant.You can now see why this is the best jiu-jitsu gi for competition that we recommend.


jiu-jitsu gi sizes

Gameness Air Gi – BJJ Gi – Lightweight Jiu Jitsu Gi

Gameness is another well-known gi brand, and the Gameness Air Gi takes the number two spot on our list. Gameness Air gi is known to be one of the lightest gis on the market. Its lightweight keeps you fresh when training or when used in your next competition. The top features a 350gsm Honeycomb weave which makes it durable and soft. It also features a foam rubber reinforced collar topped with a ripstop material. The pants are made from a ripstop material and are reinforced in all the critical fail points including the knees. The Gameness Air gi aims to please. So check it out. Available in jiu-jitsu gi sizes A0-A6.It might end up being your go to number one gi!


Professional Competition BJJ Gi

Sanabul Highlights Professional Competition BJJ Gi

Sanabul Highlights Professional Competition gi rounds up our competition gi section. This competition gi features preshrunk 450gsm fabric and has an athletic cut. Both the top and pants are reinforced at the fail points making this gi very durable. Gi is treated in an antimicrobial and antifungal material helping to keep the gi fresh and order free after it’s washed. Being a competition gi, it is IBJJF compliant. So if you like what you see. You can add this gi to your gi collection and training duffle bag!


Best Women’s All Around BJJ Gis

We now come to the woman’s gi section. We know woman’s gis are made to fit a woman’s frame better and work better than a unisex gi. In the next section, we will check out some of the best women’s all around gis that we recommend. To help you out with your fitting here is a jiu-jitsu gi size chart for women’s gis.

jiu-jitsu gi size chart


Pearl Women's Jiu Jitsu Gi

Gameness Pearl Women’s Jiu Jitsu Gi

We all now know about Gameness and what they bring to the table when it comes to gis. This gi the Gameness Pearl women’s BJJ gi is no exception to what we have come to expect from them. So this all around did is on top of our women’s gi list.Gi top is constructed from 550gsm Pearl weave fabric. The collar has a rubberized core, and other stress points have been reinforced making this a very durable gi. The gi bottoms are made of a woven poly-cotton blend also reinforced in all the highly stressed areas. Makes this a  cleans simple, durable and comfortable gi.

Women's Essential Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi

Sanabul Women’s Essential Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi

By now you should know what Sanabul brings to the table when it comes to gis. The Women’s Essential gi ticks all the boxes when it comes to a gi you would want to wear and roll in. This gi is made specifically for the female frame. The gi top is made from an ultralight, durable blend material. When it comes to a good gi, it is reinforced in all the critically stressed areas which makes this a very durable gi. The gi bottoms are made with the same material and are reinforced at the knees and another highly stressed area. Gi is antifungal and antimicrobial so helps keep off infection when training. This is an excellent gi, but one thing to watch out for is that it’s not preshrunk so take care when choosing your size and washing drying this gi. That said this is a good gi to pick up and train in.


Best Women’s Competition Gis


fuji gi

FujiIBJJF Women’s BJJ Gi

Fuji is a well know BJJ gi maker and the IBJJF Competition Gi was their first Women’s BJJ GI. Fuji worked with Judo star and Former MMA champ Ronda Rousey to develop this gi with female BJJ players in mind. Designed to adequately fit a woman BJJ players frame. With all that this gi has a lot of attention to detail. Starting with the gi top and pants being composed of pure cotton and reinforced in all the right places so this go is very light yet durable. That’s why this Fuji gi is our number one pick for women’s competition gi.


Pink Blossom Gi

Fuji Pink Blossom Gi

Fuji Pink Blossom Gi is our second pick for a women’s competition gi. It has the same features as the Fuji IBJJF Women’s BJJ Gi. The gi top and pants being composed of pure cotton and reinforced in all the right places so this go is very light yet durable. This version is a little more special. It features pink cherry blossom patterns on top and pants. Specially made in support of the cure for breast cancer. This gi is an excellent gi it would have been number one, but the top spot goes to the original you can’t go wrong picking up this gi. When you pick one up and roll in it, you will be helping to support a good cause.


Best kids Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Gis

We have reached the last of our gi recommendations.
Here are choices for best kids Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu gis.



Starting off with one off with one of our favorite gi brand TATAMI. TATAMI KIDS Nova MK4 is our choice for a child BJJ player. Gi top features 425gsm weave material and a rubber-reinforced collar. The gi top also has reinforcements in high-stress areas. Gi pants are made up of 10 oz twill cotton weave. Reinforced and cross stitched in the knees and high stressed area too. TATAMI KIDS Nova MK4 gi is durable enough to last many training hours that the young BJJ player will go through to hone their skill. That’s why it’s our top gi recommendation for junior players.


Kingz Kids Basic 2.0 BJJ Gi

Kingz Kids Basic 2.0 BJJ  Gi

Kingz Kids Basic 2.0 Jiu Jitsu Gi takes third place in our kid’s gi list.This quality gi has many great features. Let’s start with the gi top which is made of 400gsm Pearl Weave. The gi tops collar has a reinforced rubberized core collar, and the rest of the top has all the industry standard reinforcements. Moving on to the gi pants it is made of 8 oz drill cotton and is reinforced at the knees and high stressed areas too.


Sanabul Kids Highlights Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi

Sanabul Kids Highlights Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi

Sanabul has created a lot of great gis and the Sanabul Kids Highlights Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi is no has exceptions. Even though this gi hold the third place on our list doesn’t mean it isn’t a good gi. It just had to compete with a tough crowd. Let’s look at what it has to offer. This gi is lightweight and made of a cotton blend weave. Antimicrobial and antifungal treatment is given to this gi. Helping to keep the young BJJ player healthy and keep rolling. The gi top and bottoms are reinforced in all the right places. Which makes this gi very durable. The pants also have a nice feature for the young BJJ in the form of an elastic waistband. Now that great attention to detail. The only thing to watch out for is  this gi is  not preshrunk so take care when washing and drying. Other than that parents it’s an excellent choice for the young BJJ player.


The End Game

We have now come to the conclusion of our to gi selections from, top All-Around gis to the top competition gis . We hope this made your gi selections process a little easier. If you want to see more click here to see more
Brazilian jiu-jitsu gi sale choices.