One of the best resource guides for the best jiu-jitsu gi.We can help with gi sizes, brands, woman’s gi and all your gi needs. We even have a gi size chart to help you pinpoint,that right gi fit. So you can find it for sale on Amazon. So you can stop asking the question “Where can I find a gi near me?”

Gi Basics

Here at BJJ Honcho, we love BJJ. We love training, learning and watching BJJ. Like they say if you love something you have to eat, sleep and breath it. So as a BJJ player that’s what we all do. So when starting BJJ, there is one thing that is confusing. Which gi should I wear or buy? One thing you should know before stepping foot in an academy is how to pick and wear a gi because you need an excellent gi before rolling.

Before you go out and try to buy one, let’s go over different types of gi weaves and jiu-jitsu gi brands for you to choose from.
In BJJ the gi is the standard form of apparel that you will wear. With the gi, there are many techniques, such as holds, and chokes. So this is how gi and no go BJJ are very different. No, go is as it sounds without a gi. We will talk about that later since we are trying to pick your perfect gift now.
Let’s say you have done other martial arts like karate or taekwondo. I can see what you are thinking now. Those martial arts wear a gi. Can’t I reuse the old karate gi that’s in my closet? Well to answer your question. It a big fat no. Here is the reason why. Both the karate and taekwondo gi are of thin and very light cotton. Also, both have very thin collars. Not as sturdy as a BJJ Gi. A BJJ gi is made to be grabbing pulled for hours upon hours of training. Let’s say it the right tool for the job.

The Right Gi For The Job

When choosing the best Jiu-jitsu gi, there are many factors. Let’s start with the material and the type of weave. When it comes to the material, there are a few options out there. For gi tops, we have cotton and hemp. Then for gi bottoms, we have cotton as well as silk, polyester, and nylon.
Cotton gi tops are the most common and widely used. Then we have the material hemp. Hemp, when used in a gi, makes it a premium gi. Here are some benefits of a hemp gi it’s very strong and dries faster than ones made of cotton. As with things that are premium it comes at a price. Like that say If you want to play you have to pay.
We now move on to give bottoms. As we talked about before they are mainly made up of cotton, silk, nylon, and polyester. Gi bottoms usually come in two types of weaves which are standard. They are standard single weave and starting in the early 2000’s a ripstop weave was put to use. This material has become more desirable due to its durability.
As we wrap up this section, you now know the types of fabrics that go into a BJJ Gi.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Gi Weaves

Let’s talk about the different gi weaves. First, we will go over soon gi weaves, and uncommon gi weaves.

Common Gi Weaves and Weight

BJJ Honcho-Single-Weave-Gi

Single Weave Gi

This gi weave is the most common and popular weave type. Here are some pros and cons of a single weave gi.
Here are the pros, since it is a single weave it is very light and less material makes it very affordable.
Which makes it the most recommended type of gi for new BJJ players. Single weave also gives perfect for training in a hot environment.
Here come the cons of a single weave gi. What makes this gi weave grand is also its downfall. A single weave gi is easy to tear and less durable than other gi weaves. That makes it less suitable for competitions.

BJJ Honcho-Double-Weave-Gi

Double Weave Gi

It’s just like the single weave gi but as you guessed by the name second the material. So with more material makes this gi weave very durable.
Time to look at the pros and cons of a double weave gi.
The pro is that being thicker makes it harder to rip and tear. Also if worn during competition it makes it harder for harder for your opponent to grab you.
Now onto the cons, the thicker material makes it bully and harder to maneuver. The single weave gi also holds a lot more sweat which makes it more cumbersome. The last con you guessed is more material double the price.

BJJ Honcho-Gold-Weave-gi

Gold Weave Gi

A gold weave gi fits in the Goldilocks position in my book. It’s the right combination of what you want in a gi. It’s like having the lightweight of a single weave but the benefits of being durable like a double weave gi. Makes it a near perfect gi.

BJJ Honcho-pearl-weave-gi

Pearl Weave Gi

We have gone over single, double and my favorite gold weave gi. Then comes pearl weave gi, which has grown in popularity. When we take a look at pear weave, it falls in between single and gold weave. The benefits of pearl weave are that it’s more durable than double weave but lightweight. Making this the ultimate goal is to. Great for tournaments and dries very fast. The only con with this gi is that it cost more than the other gi weaves. Like they say if you have to pay to play. So after some time training and using a single weave gi. Treat yourself to a pearl weave gi if you can afford one. You will love it.

Less Common Gi Weaves

We have just wrapped up all the main gi weaves, now let’s check out some less Common gi weaves.

BJJ Honcho-Ripstop-Weave

Ripstop Weave

When it comes to the thinnest strongest and lightest gi weave ripstop beats them all. A ripstop gi is good for people who pack light. The ripstop material is mainly used for gi pants, but you can get a whole gi in this material. There is one thing to watch out for when getting an entire ripstop gi. You have to make sure that it is IBJJF legal if you want to use it as a competition gi. Makes the ripstop gi a niche gi for those who want one.


BJJ Honcho-Crystal-gi-weave

Crystal Weave

Crystal weave is the next uncommon weave. It gained popularity because of its softness. Crystal weave is a loose weave. Making the gi easy to grip and feels great on your skin. So making those so points a pro for the crystal weave give. As for its cons for crystal weave is it takes a lot of care to keep it looking and fitting good. Crystal weave can shrink if was improperly but when taken care of it will be the best go you have ever owned.


Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Gi Size and Measurements

Now we all know the different materials and weaves gis can come in, we can now go over how to choose a gi that fits well. Having a gi that fits is very important especially when it comes to competitions. If your gi does not suit the requirements, you may not be able to compete.
Most jiu-jitsu gi sizes are between A0-A6 for males.
You can see this in the jiu-jitsu gi size chart below.
When looking at the chart, the A stands for an adult. The number after the is A is the size which can range from 0-6. If you see F instead of the A this gi is a model specially made for female BJJ players. Take note that’s gis can shrink up to 10 %. So if the gi you buy is a little snug when you buy it before washing, after washing it could shrink and be a bit tighter so be careful. One more things to remember is that each gi maker can also have their size chart so look out for that too.
Last but not least are the kiddos. Kids gis have their size system so be careful. What fits for one gi maker might not fit for another.
Here is more food for thought. It’s good to know some gis come preshrunk, but some others shrink to fit so pay attention when you are picking one out.
Here is a general jiu jitsu gi size chart.

A1: under 1.70m (5’8”)
A2: under 1.80m (5’9”)
A3: under 1.90m (6’2”)
A4: under 2.0m (under 6’6”)
A5:  over 2m (over 6’6”)


As you progress on, competitions might be around the corner for you. To complete your get has to meet regulations. Here are gi requirements set by the IBJJF as follows. Gi top should not be able to reach thighs. Gi sleeves should come to no more than 5 cm from the wrists when arms are extended straight parallel to the ground. Gi pants should not reach more than 5 cm above the ankle bone. When inspected these proper measurements must be met: Gi lapel thickness 1.3cm width of collar 5cm opening of the sleeve at full extension 7cm. You can find more information at the IBJJF link.


When it comes to the gi collar, many BJJ players downtown think twice about this part of the gi. Collar thickness plays a significant role when you roll. If the collar is thicker, it is harder to be submitted by a collar choke. If the collar is thinner, it’s much more comfortable when you are rolling. Also, the material the collar is made of. Some are made with cotton, and some gi brands fill them with a rubber material. The collars with the rubber dry faster and is a good mold deterrent.

BJJ Gi Color And Weight

When choosing your gi and you want to compete in tournaments. You have to remember that’s there are only three colors allowed. Which are white, blue and black. Your gi top and bottoms must match no mixing colors. So white top with white pants, blue top with blue pants and so on. I know what you were thinking. So that green Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles gi you had your eyes on can’t be worn in competition right. Yes, it can’t also be worn depending on your academy rules maybe there too. Remember this when shelling out a little of money on a new gi. When it comes. The gi weight. It matters when you compete. You may not know, but color adds weight to a gi. So in competition, every gram counts when trying to make weight. So for a competition gi. My recommendation would be a white gi since white has no extra weight.

Gi Maintenance

We have talked about different gi materials, gi weaves, gi colors and sizes. Still, there is something we haven’t gone over which is the most important of gi ownership. You guessed it by the heading, gi Maintenance. If you are new to BJJ you may not know what I’m talking about, but for those who. Have you been rolling for some time now? You know now there is nothing worse than being partnered to that guy who hasn’t his for what seems like a month. So here are some words to live by. Don’t be that guy! Being lazy and not washing your gi after training makes it a breeding ground for bacteria. So, that’s why it is good to own more than one gi, especially if your roll multiple time a week. You can rotate, and you will always have a fresh gi. That’s why you should get affordable gis for training. When you get that gis, this is how to keep them clean. Mix one part baking soda with white vinegar and let your gi soak. After soaking ask the gi and let it air dry. If it allows sun dry your gi. The UV light also helps with the bacteria. After training, once you get home to wash that gi. Never let it sit in your gym bag and know you know.

Recommend BJJ Gis

We have now we to that point that you have all been waiting to hear. The answer to that question you have been asking and have in your mind. Where can I find a jiu-jitsu gi near me? We’ll look no; further, we will go over some jiu-jitsu gi brands and point you to some jiu-jitsu Amazon gi sellers. We know it’s hard to choose the right guy so we will point you in the right direction and show you a few examples. So here we go.


Top BJJ beginners GI

We know that there are many BJJ gi brands out there and it can be overwhelming choosing the right one. When it comes to a beginner gi you want one from a reputable BJJ gi brand. Since you will be training a lot you want to choose one that withstands your hard training sessions.
In this section, we will go over three beginner gi choices that we recommend.


jiu jitsu gi sizes

Tatami Nova Mk 4 BJJ Gi

TATAMI is a very repairable and top BJJ gi manufacturer and it shows with Nova MK 4.
The MK 4 is an evolution of the Nova series of BJJ Gis. The Nova MK 4 is designed with beginners in mind but can be worn by the pros too. This time it has a better fit and it shows with it being tapered in the areas that count. Which makes it excellent when you are on the mat. The jacket is made of 425 hybrid cotton weave reinforced in key areas. As for the pants this time it has been upgraded to a 9 oz poly-cotton blend and also reinforced in the key areas like the knees. You can’t go wrong with this BJJ gi as your first one to buy. Check it out and you will know why it’s our top pick!


jiu jitsu gi amazon

Kingz Basic 2.0 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Gi

Kings Basic 2.0 is our runner-up when it comes to an excellent beginners gi. Kingz is another reputable jiu-jitsu gi brand. This gi features a 400GSM Pearl weave top. Made from a single piece of material, it is reinforced in the critical stress area and the collar is made with a single piece of rubber. Which makes it tough, light and helps it to dry faster. Being made of rubber makes it bacteria and fungus resistant. The pants are durable and very comfortable. Made up of 10 oz drilled cotton and reinforced in the right areas. This gi has a lot of premium features. The only thing missing is the premium price. So this gi makes our list check it out. You won’t regret picking this gi up!


jiu jitsu gi near me

Sanabul Essentials v.2 Ultra Light BJJ Jiu Jitsu Gi

Sanabul Essentials v.2 is our third pick for a beginner gi. Sanabul is another great gi brand and you see it with the features they put in this gi. The Essentials v.2
is an ultra lightweight gi and is preshrunk. Meaning if you wash it and put it in a dryer it will not get smaller. Which makes it a good selling point for this gi. The top features a tapered athletic cut which will fit your body nicely. The ultra lightweight material is antibacterial and antifungal. It features a single weave but it more durable than other single weave gis. The top also features a rubberized collar and is reinforced in the high-stress area. The pants feature the same material as the top and also have reinforcements in a high stressed area. This beginners GI is also great for summer training or training in hot areas. The Essentials v.2 Ultra Light is another excellent gi that we recommend. Check it out!



Top BJJ Competition Gis

Now you are ready to step it up and go into competitions. Choosing the right competition gi is very important because not only does it have to fit well and be comfortable but it must meet IBJJF regulations. Here is our top three recommend competition gis.


jiu jitsu gi brands


TATAMI zero G V4 is on top of our list for an excellent competition gi. As you have learned there are many factors that make a competition gi awesome and here is what is offered by this TATAMI gi. The TATAMI Zero G is IBJJF compliant which is very important for a competition it. This gi combined is only 1.5 kg making it great for making weight for competition. The gi top is 475GSM Pearl weave with a rubber-reinforced collar and a twill material on top of it making it strong and quick drying. The top is also made up of 10oz cotton which is reinforced on the high-stress points of the gi.
Moving on to the bottom you will find it is made up of 9 oz double reinforced twill cotton which is very light in weight. Overall this is an awesome competition gi which we recommend and you should check out.


BJJ Honcho-Hayabusa Pro Lightweight Gi

Hayabusa Pro Lightweight

Hayabusa Lightweight Pro gi is our second recommend gi. As with all competition gis, the Lightweight Pro is IBJJF compliant and is competition ready. This gi features a top made of 350GSM Pearl weave cotton. It has a reinforced collar made for handling abuse. Moving on to the pants you will see it is made from 10 oz ripstop cotton-polyester blend. You know what we have said about ripstop. So the pants are very tough also the stress areas have been reinforced. This gi will also be a good pick up for a competition gi. You can hit the competition mats with confidence know this gi won’t let you down when it counts. So check it out you won’t be sorry that you did.


BJJ Honcho-Fuji Summerweight

Fuji Summerweight BJJ Uniform

Fuji Summerweight is our last installment for completion gis. Being third does not mean it’s not good. It just means that the companion is that tight. You know being a competition gi the Summerweight is IBJJF compliant. This gi features Pearl weave top with a rubberized collar. Making it strong and mildew and bacteria resistant. The Summerweight is also preshrunk so you will not have to worry about it shrinking on you. The pants are made of twill cotton and reinforced in the knees and other highly stressed areas. Get ready for your next competition with this Fuji gi.



Top Woman’s BJJ Gi

In this section, we have our two recommendation for jiu-jitsu gi women’s section. We have our pick for a good all around gi and for those women ready and wanting to enter competitions we have out top Women’s competition gi.



BJJ Honcho-Venum Women’s Challenger

Venum Women’s Challenger 2.0 BJJ GI

When it comes to best all-around women’s gi that we recommend bit would have to be the Venum Women’s Challenger 2.0 BJJ GI. This gi is designed to fit a woman’s body and is also light.The gi top is made of a lightweight Pearl Weave. Made from 410 GSM fabric that is made from premium cotton. Venum Women’s Challenger top is also constructed from one piece of fabric so it’s back is seamless. Making it very comfortable when rolling. Moving on the gi pants it is made from twill cotton and has reinforcements on the knees and high-stress area. Making this our top pick for the best women’s all around gi. Check it out and pick one up.


BJJ Honcho-TATAMI Zero G V4 Lightweight

TATAMI Zero G V4 Lightweight BJJ Women’s Gi

TATAMI Zero G V4 lightweight woman’s gi is just as awesome as the men’s Zero G . Woman’s Zero G is especially cute to fit the woman BJJ players frame. The whole gi just like the men’s gi weighs just 1.5 kgs. The top is made of 475gsm Pearl weave which is reinforced in the highly stressed areas and features a collar with a rubberized core. We love the rubberized core because it’s quick to dry, resistant to bacteria and fungus growth. The pants are 9oz and made of reinforced twill cotton. The woman’s Zero G is also IBJJF compliant so you are ready to roll in your next competition. Check out why this gi is our top pick after that you will want one.



Top Kids BJJ Gis

We have just finished up the men, and woman’s top gi recommendations. Brazilian jiu-jitsu is truly a martial art for all types of people and ages. Like they say it’s always good to start them out young. So here we go with our top kids BJJ gi recommendations.



BJJ Honcho-Fuji All Around

Fuji Kid’s All Around BJJ Gi

Fuji Kids BJJ Gi is an excellent gi choice for young BJJ players. It’s well suited for there young and growing frame. This Fuji kids gi is great for training and also competitions. The gi is a middleweight gi and is made from pure cotton. Gi top is reinforced and has a durable collar. As for the gi pants they are made of a durable cotton blend and are reinforced in the right places. This is a great value gi for the kids. It even includes a white belt. Check out this recommend gi it’s an awesome choice for the kids.


BJJ Honcho-Elite Sports IBJJF Ultra Light BJJ

Elite Sports Ultra Light Kids Gi

Elite Sports Ultra Light Kids Gi is the perfect choice for the parent looking for a competition gi for their kids. This gi is preshrunk so after it’s washed you will not have to worry about it fitting your child.The gi itself is durable, lightweight and IBJJF compliant. This Elite Sports gi is made of a blend material and is also fungus and bacteria resistant. It has a tapered and athletic cute so it fits your child’s frame well. Making this our number one choice for your child’s competition gi. Check this gi out your child would be happy to receive it.


You have seen all the gi choices we feel you will be pleased with the recommendations. With any of these gis, you will be happy wearing them in training or competition. Some might be on a jiu-jitsu gi sale that’s in some Amazon stores.


Wrapping Things Up

We have gone over a lot of thing dealing with Brazilain Jiu Jitsu Gis. Choosing the right gi can be confusing. After the rundown, we hope it helps you out choosing the perfect gi that suits you. The main thing to remember when picking a gi is picking the best gi you can afford and meet regulations if you want to compete. Also remembering the proper way to take care of your new gi. Here at BJJ Honcho we always have your back. So now you have all this knowledge pick up you new gi and hit the mat. Let’s roll!