In BJJ there is something that comes to mind that isn’t talked about when you first start training . Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu ears which are also known as cauliflower ears.

We will talk about how cauliflower ears form, an ear kit, protection, guards, headgear and ear splints. Hopefully, when we are done, you can keep your ears from turning into a cauliflower ear magnet.

About Cauliflower Ear

I’ve been doing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for some time now. I was lucky to have my fellow BJJ player help me out. My ears hurting after a month of training. He overheard talking to another BJJ academy member about ears.

After practice, he spoke to me in the locker room and gave me some tips that helped me out before I was hit with the cauliflower ear gremlin. For some cauliflower ear might be a badge of honor but it’s actually a serious condition. Also, your ears might keep you from getting a date 🙂

I know a few questions come to mind, such as….

  • What is cauliflower ear?
  • Is a cauliflower ear permanent?
  • Can you reverse cauliflower ear?

Searching though cauliflower ear BJJ Reddit forums and still kinda stuck on the answers that could help with those questions well let me shed some light on them.

What Causes Cauliflower Ears?

Well to answer this questions we must find out how cauliflower ears are caused. Cauliflower ears are caused by the ears being hit or rubbed against over and over. When this happens a blood clot or other fluids up under the skin separating it from the ear cartilage.

When this happens it causes the cartilage to die, then the ear is filled in with scar tissue. Making the ear permanently swell looking like the vegetable cauliflower.

So to answer both questions yes and no. Yes, it can be reversed somewhat with surgery. No, is left untreated it will get worse. The worst case would be if left untreated. Cauliflower ear can lead to headaches, ringing in the ears, hearing loss, and blurred vision.

How Can You Fix A Cauliflower Ear?

You are probably thinking how can you fix a cauliflower ear, right? If your ears are being filled with blood and other liquids, can you Drain cauliflower ear?
Think no further. Here are some solutions!

In early cases like a few days that you feel and see your ears filling with fluid, it can be drained and then antibiotics, and a wrap will be applied. Doing this will save for from the second option, which is a surgical procedure called otoplasty.

When you have the surgery, they will remove the scar tissue from the ears if there is not enough cartilage they will take some from your ribs to reconstruct your ear.

How You Can Treat Cauliflower Ear Yourself

You know see how lousy cauliflower ear is. Let’s say you just have been training BJJ for a few months now and you feel that your ears are getting worse. One way to treat it at home is with ear splints BJJ and contact sports players use them too.

Cauliflower Ear Kit

Cauliflower Ear Kit

This cauliflower splint kit can help you treat your ears at home. It can be used to treat both of your ears, and it’s reusable. Helps drain all the built-up fluid in your ears. Gets you ready to hit the and roll again with healthy ears.

Preventing Cauliflower Ear

After hearing this I know, many more questions come to mind….

  • I don’t ever want cauliflower ear. Can cauliflower ear be avoided?
  • I love training. Can cauliflower ear be prevented in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu?

Well, remember I told you after my first few classes my fellow academy member helped me out with my ears. What he recommended that I should get some ear guards.

Many other full contact sports and martial arts use them. For example, wrestlers use them, and rugby players use them too. I know what your thinking. Ear guards in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu? Well, a lot of top BJJ players wear them when they train and so should you.

Best BJJ Ear Guards

Here are some of the best ears guards that I recommend. The choices were picked by the way they fit feel. Chosen to protect your head satellites.

cauliflower ear protection

ASICS Unisex Gel Ear Guards

Asics has been in the grappling game for some time, and it shows in these unisex ear guards. Man or woman this Asics cauliflower ear protection keeps your ears looking baby fresh.

The chin strap has a neoprene cup, so it fits well and doesn’t move. Working together with the chin strap forehead strap keep it on. Whether you’re shooting in for a single leg or trying to get out of a guillotine headlock.


  • If you have big ears, don’t worry; these ear guards have you covered.
  • Shallow profile and doesn’t feel bulky on the head.
  • Easily adjustable because of hook and loop fasteners are used.


  • A little tough until broken in.
  • Ear guard can move if not secured correctly on the forehead.

brazilian jiu jitsu ears

Grapplearts Minimum Profile Ear Guard for BJJ and Wrestling

Grapplearts ear guards are designed by a BJJ player for BJJ players. So it has the features that we are looking for. It fits snugly on the head with the hook and loop fasteners. Made snag-resistant nylon and the chin strap is padded. This is second of the list for recommending ear guards and here why.


  • Adjust fast and easily.
  • Fits snugly on the head and has a low profile so stays on when rolling.


  • Since it’s snug, it gets kinda warm.
  • Also, ear cups needs more holes to help with your hearing during class.

jiu jitsu headgear

Venum Ear Pads Kontact EVO

Venum is prominent in the MMA and BJJ, and it shows in this jiu-jitsu headgear. Made with injected foam, it gives a lot of protection to your ears. This was you can keep doing that aggressive take-down with no worry. I have many good and bad points and is number three and the list.


  • Lightweight and is held in place by two straps.
  • Nonslip and soft silicone on the forehead strap.


  • Cuts down your hearing a bit.
  • No ear holes in ear cups.

ear guards

Cliff Keen F5 Tornado Headgear for BJJ

The Tornado F5 by Cliff Keen has an open-air design perfect for long and hot sessions of rolling. Fits comfortably and does not keep you from hearing instructions during training.


  • The ear cups are foam, and the outside is coated with plastic.
  • The chinstrap is snug and keeps the ear guard in place.
  • Feels light on the head and does not distract you.


  • Has to been worn a little snugly than some ear guards when you get sweaty.
  • Needs more silicon grips on the head strap.

 cauliflower ear bjj reddit

Adapt Athletics Enhanced Headgear

The latest ear guards from Adapt Athletics with some nice improvements might catch your eye. Very sturdy and tough. Hard enough to protect your ears but won’t hurt your training partner when they are in your hard.


  • Low in profile and does not get in the way.
  • Easy to take put on and take off when you have to.


  • Hook and loop straps can scratch your partner if not closed properly.
  • Traps some heat needs a little more venting.

ear splints bjj

Gold BJJ Headgear

Gold BJJ fit snugly and close to the head. These ear guards have a low profile design. Also, they feature a hook and loop fastener straps to keep them in place. Great for those BJJ players who like embracing the grind.


  • Big ear cups and fit snugly.
  • Low profile so you won’t get snagged up.


  • Ear cups do not have many holes, so it muffles sound.
  • Gets a little warm. These ear guards need more venting.

Final Thoughts

We all love training BJJ. Cauliflower ear is just one thing we should care about. Training gives excellent health benefits, but with everything, we do we should also be careful.

Causing trauma to your ears and getting cauliflower ear is something we BJJ players can avoid. Getting some ear guards keeps you on the mat and those ears looking pretty.

Check out this video with Joe Rogan about cauliflower ear and why you should wear ear guards.

Man or woman no one ever looks good with cauliflower ear. Only a few people can pull it off. Just remembered what I said about, trying to get a boyfriend or girlfriend. It’s hard enough getting a partner, but with mangled ears, it’s harder.

Also trying to get a white-collar job we’re first impressions makes a statement you need to put your best face forward or shall I say the best ear.

Didn’t like my top six ear guards? You can find more Jiu-Jitsu headgear here.