BJJ has evolved throughout the years. The most recent form is Brazilian jiu-jitsu No Gi “No-Gi BJJ.”

If you’re interested in transitioning to MMA, learning basic No Gi techniques, no gi jiu jitsu gear like a rash guard.

BJJ Honcho has you covered. We will also take a look No Gi schools and tournaments. So let’s get started.

About No Gi BJJ


Like I’ve talked about modern day BJJ has evolved and is still evolving. To be a well-rounded player your game needs to develop too. I know what your thinking. Yours just starting to get into BJJ, beginning to get used to wearing your brand spanking new gi. Now you find out there is training without it. Mind blow right!


I know questions are swimming around your brain, such as…


  • What is no-gi Brazilian jiu-jitsu?


  • GI and No-Gi Jiu-Jitsu: What are the Differences?


  • What do you wear to a BJJ No Gi?


Your questions will be answered, and you might learn a thing or two so let’s keep pushing on.

What is no-gi Brazilian jiu-jitsu?

In BJJ when you first start training, you will wear a jiu-jitsu gi. Since that day you have learned many lapel grabs and techniques that use the gi. Let’s say you want to transition into MMA.

We all know ever since the first UFC no one has worn a gi in MMA since. In that situation, many gi based techniques will not work.

I hear what you’re thinking now…

I don’t plan to do MMA do I still need no gi training?

To answer your question. Yes, you do. There might be situations where you might have to use your BJJ, and there is nothing to grab on to.

This is where no gi comes to play. So answering the questions, no-gi Jiu-jitsu is BJJ adapted to not wearing the traditional gi. So next time your academy has a no-gi class you should join. Most academies have no-gi courses now.

GI and No-Gi Jiu-Jitsu: What are the Differences?



Now let’s get to the meat and potatoes of no-gi BJJ.

In traditional gi BJJ, you have many things to grab on to.

Like your rolling partner’s belt, pants, lapel, even the gi jacket itself. By having the gi, you are open to many variations of controls and chokes.

When you move on to no-gi Jiu-jitsu all that changes. You are not allowed to grab any clothing. So those options are out of the window.

Since you are not allowed to grab any clothing. Here are some no-gi jiu-jitsu basics. That is used in its place.

The way to control your partner is by using over-hooks and clenching. These control techniques become your bread and butter.

In gi BJJ you grab the opponents lapel to break their posture, but with no-gi BJJ you utilize the clenching by cupping the back of your opponent’s neck and over-hooking the opposite arm.

Moving on to chokes in gi BJJ you use the lapel to choke your opponent but as you guessed in no-gi BJJ, you can’t.

Chokes in no-gi are executed by using your arm. Chokes like the arm triangle.


Leg Locks

Yes…you heard it leg Locks. In gi BJJ only a few leg locks are available to some belt ranks. Then at the black belt level.

The leg locks that can be legally used are knee bars, straight ankle locks and toe holds.

The illegal legs locks are heel hooks and reaping of the knees.

When it comes to no gi jiu-jitsu techniques, they are now allowed at the highest competition levels. If it is an IBJJF no gi competition, the rules will follow gi rules for leg locks.



When comparing the guard in gi BJJ and no gi BJJ your game will entirely be different. We now know since your not wearing a gi many grips can’t be used.

Knowing these many guards like spider guard, work guard, and also lasso guard are out.

To remedy this with no gi, you will learn to use and rely on half guard, open guard, butterfly guard, closed guard and deep half guard.

All those guards are also used in Gi BJJ so it shouldn’t be an issue. You just have to remind yourself that you can’t grab clothing.


Pacing Gi

Coming from Gi BJJ or watched it. The pacing is much slower. For example, let’s say you have the dominant position on your opponent.

You can lock them down in the position and run down the clock and get the win be getting points.

Another example your opponent might try a pass or get you in a position of submission.

You could grab their gi and defend the position in effect slowing them down.


Pacing No Gi


In no gi, you don’t get that extra tool to make this happen. The pace will be faster way faster. So knowing this there will be more scrambling for positions.

Another factor is that your both sweaty so clenching might be awkward to hold long because you have a defensive opponent. All this makes your game very different and very interesting matches.


No Gi School

No Gi BJJ has been around for some time now. Actually, it was practiced a lot in Brazil. For me when I think of the number one no Gi BJJ school. It would have to be 10th Planet Jiu-jitsu.

10th Planet Jiu-jitsu was founded in 2003 by Eddie Bravo. The first school is in Los Angeles, California.

He opened this school after earning his black belt from Jean-Jacques Machado.

10th Planet Jiu-jitsu is mainly focused on no gi Jiu-jitsu making this the first school to do this.

Meaning this system a gi is never worn. To distinguish the ranks of each player. The rash guards show the related BJJ belt color.

Also, unlike traditional BJJ which focuses on points.

10th Planet Jiu-jitsu focuses on submission only grappling.

We all know what the Gracie’s did in MMA with BJJ. Eddie saw that some things were lacking when traditional the Gi BJJ players faced other grapplers such as catch wrestlers.

How the bottom game was lacking when a gi was not worn. Eddie felt that BJJ player was winning, but it could have been better.

Eddie is now known for the implementation of the rubber guard. Which is very critical on locking down an opponent.

10th Planet Jiu-jitsu was controversial at first because of this BJJ system never training in the Gi.

Many have changed their minds after seeing how effective it is. Now there are many No-Gi Jiu-Jitsu schools and traditional BJJ school now offering no Gi training.


No Gi Tournaments

When it comes to tournaments, there are local tournaments for No Gi just like Gi BJJ.When you start getting good. Here are the top five No-Gi Jiu-Jitsu tournaments.

These prestigious BJJ tournaments have the best in the country, region even the world. The winners will get cash prizes. So where you want to watch or look to complete. It’s something to look forward to.

Let’s look at the competitions every no Gi fan should watch or listen to compete in one day.



World Submission Fighting Championships is number on the list. This tournament was created by UAE Sheik Tahnoon Bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

This tournament only happens every two years. The participants are regional championship winners or by invite.

It has qualifying rounds that are 10 minutes long and 5 minutes if there is a tie. The final rounds are 20 minutes and 10 minutes overtime.

The rules are different from most tournaments in that it has all the leglocks but slams are allowed which was a first.


IBJJF NO-GI Jiu-Jitsu World Championships

The IBJJF No-Gi worlds are held in California. The top matches for brown and black belts are 8-10 min long.

It was started by the head of the IBJJF Carlos Gracie, Jr., head of Gracie Barra.

The rules are as follows. For black belts, no heel hooks, knee reaping, neck cranks or slamming .the only leglocks are straight leg locks.


Eddie Bravo Invitational

The EBI was of course started by 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu founder and president Eddie Bravo. This tournament is very popular.

The matches are 10 minutes long, and the only way to win is by submissions. If there happened to go into overtime, there are 3 overtime rounds.

Where the matches are started in a position of submission of dominance.The fastest to escape will be the winner.



Polaris was created by Scramble and TATAMI. This tournament is another submission only event.

It is based in Europe to give EU players their own home event.

The matches are 15 min long. If there are no winners after regulation time. The competitions will be judged on fighter aggression, position control, and escapes.

No neck cranks, slams to escape and heel hooks.


Submission Underground

Is a no-gi tournament found by Chael Sonnen an MMA athlete? He founded his own competition because he felt other tourneys were lacking.

The tournament participants are mostly MMA fighters.

The matches are 8 minutes and take place in an MMA cage.


Now that we have looked at the top 5 No Gi tournaments we see how far and big No Gi BJJ has gotten and something for any BJJ player to look forward to.

No Gi Jiu Jitsu Gear

We have looked at how No Gi started and No Gi rules and tournaments. One thing comes to mind.

If you’re not wearing a Gi what will you wear then?

The No-Gi BJJ attire consists of rash guards for men and women . Tank tops for women and for men and women t-shirt.

For the lower body spats, shorts or even gi pants.

Most mainly wear shorts or spats.

I will show you the top recommend No-Gi Jiu-Jitsu rash guard for men and women. Also, the top recommends shorts and spats for men and women. So here we go!

Best No-Gi Jiu-Jitsu Rash Guards for Men


best no gi jiu jitsu


Hayabusa Metaru 47 Silver Short Sleeve Rashguard


This Hayabusa Rashguard fits like a glove, and that’s a good thing for when you do No-Gi BJJ or grappling. Being antimicrobial is a plus, helps keep your infection free. This is one that I recommend since there is one in my Gi bag. Great for many hours of rolling.One of the best No-Gi Jiu-Jitsu rash guards. I have ever owned.



  • Anti-microbial
  • Highly durable
  • Won’t cause chaffing



  • Really tight on arms
  • Need to get one size up if your a bigger guy


no gi jiu jitsu gear


Under Armour Men’s HeatGear Armour Short Sleeve Compression Shirt


I know what your thinking…Under Armour Rashguard?

The same thing came to my mind. I used to wear Under Armour in the gym for lifting, but these are great too for No-Gi BJJ.Very flexible and vented in the armpits, so keeps you fresh while rolling hard. Also dry fast which is a plus for me.



  • Ultrafast to dry
  • EXTREMELY durable
  • Very flexible



  • Doesn’t say if it’s antimicrobial
  • Sometimes venting mesh can get worn.



no gi jiu jitsu techniques


Tatami Fightwear Men’s Thinker Monkey Rash Guard


This TATAMI Rashguard is eye-catching and makes a statement with its design. Like they say BJJ is like physical chess and this rashguard makes a statment about your game;).

Very durable with its triple stitching and very flexible with its poly-spandex material. The artwork is imprinted into the fabric so won’t peel or fade.



  • The artwork is bold and has quality
  • Flexible material
  • Triple stitched



  • Lacking antimicrobial qualities
  • Long sleeve arms may be too short for some.


no gi jiu jitsu schools




This venom long sleeve Rashguard checks all the boxes. You can get it in multiple color choices, and it’s IBJJF approved so great for IBJJF no gi tournaments. Arms and waist have an elastic band so does not move when worn. Great for when you have intense rolling sessions.



  • IBJJJ approved
  • Graphic won’t peel off
  • Anti-microbial property
  • Rubber band on edges to keep it tight



  • Fits tighter than most so get a size bigger
  • May shrink if put in the dryer. So air dry.



no gi jiu jitsu rash guard


Hayabusa Metaru Charged BJJ Rash Guard


Long sleeve Hayabusa Mataru is the Cadillac of rash guards. This Rashguard has many premium features and has a clean and durable design. The material it’s made up of is very stretchy and looks good with the dye-infused print.Which means the design won’t peel or fade.Being a premium rash guard, it carries a premium fee but well worth it.



  • Clean design
  • IBJJJ approved colors
  • Anti-microbial property



  • Armbands might be tight for those with bigger arms.
  • Size up when choosing runs a little small


no gi jiu jitsu basics



This 8-Bit rash guard holds a place in my heart. My first gaming console was an NES, and the retro BJJ print has that great 8-Bit look we game spent hours playing. Antimicrobial, so it helps fight off infection. Features a durable moisture-wicking fabric. Great for repping your love for gaming and BJJ. Finally, two things we love in one place gaming and BJJ. Just like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Always makes a great combination…;)



  • Great graphic print
  • High quality sublimated fabric



  • Arms might be a little short on some.
  • Fits tighter might be useful for some not for others.

Best No-Gi Jiu-Jitsu Shorts for Men





no gi jiu jitsu near me




Hayabusa has been known for great gis and fight wear, and it shows in these no-gi shorts. These shorts became my favorite because of its tightening system. It really keeps it on you when your roll. Very durable and the color has stayed the same after many washes.



  • Durable color lasts
  • High-quality fabric
  • Great fasting system



  • May not be long for those who want longer shorts.
  • Loop and hook system on waste gets a little worn over time.


no gi vs gi




These grappler shorts by RVCA are great for the professional or novice athlete. I have always liked RVCA. These shorts feature a moisture-wicking fabric and flexible elastic material. It’s great for when you sprawl your crotch isn’t blown out. It even has a little pocket to put your mouth guard.



  • Very flexible
  • The material dries very fast.
  • Very durable



  • None antimicrobial material.Maybe a deal breaker for some.
  • When picking one up get it a size bigger.



no gi bundle



Optimal Human BJJ/MMA Fight Shorts


These OH BJJ shorts are a great pick up. Made of a soft yet durable moisture-wicking fabric. The fabric is also flexible. These shorts have an athletic fit so fits close to your frame. The waste is drawstring, and elastic so stays on your trash when your rolling. These shorts also have inner pockets, so your partner won’t get their fingers or toes caught in then.



  • Flexible and durable
  • The material dries very fast.



  • Because of the Athletic fit pick one size bigger.
  • Doesn’t indicate if they are antimicrobial.



gi material shorts


Clinch Gear Pro Series Short


Clinch Gear has always been a go a brand, and their pro line has some nice MMA gear. These shorts are great for no-gi BJJ. They feature a suede microfiber material which is soft yet durable. The waistband features an elastic band and hook and loop fasteners. That keeps these shorts from falling off or riding up. Great pants for any training session.



  • Hook and loop waistband
  • Flexible and durable



  • Non-antimicrobial material
  • Hook and loop waistband sometimes get worn out if used for a while.


mma gear

Blank MMA Fight Shorts


Blank MMA fight shorts are for the BJJ player who lets their BJJ game do the speaking instead of their gear. As their name brand states blank, so no branding is shown nowhere in these shorts. It features a multi-adjustable waistband with a hook and loop closure system .Made of heavy duty yet flexible material. The sides of the shorts feature high slits which help when you sprawl or perform squatting techniques.



  • High slits on the side of shorts legs
  • Hook and loop waistband



  • Non-antimicrobial material
  • The high slits on the short legs might be useful for some but not for others. Wearing short spats under the shorts are recommended.


Best No-Gi Jiu-Jitsu Rash Guards for Women


bjj outlet


Phalanx “The Alloy” Women’s Rashguard


This Phalanx rash guard was specially designed for the woman grappler. Sometimes rash guards for men just don’t quite fit right. The durable and flexible material gets you ready to hit the mats.



  • Designed to fit the frame better.
  • Moisture wicking material.



  • Need to care when washing
  • Non-antimicrobial material



bjj gear sale


Raven Fightwear Women’s Nordic Rash Guard


This Raven Fightwear rashguard is IBJJF compliant so it perfect for your next no-gi tournament. Features a 4-way flexible material. Lightweight and very breathable. Even features rubber in the waist area to keep it in place when you’re active on the mat.



  • Graphics are printed into the fabric so it won’t peel.
  • Stitching is reinforced, so the rashguard keeps looking good.



  • Need to buy a size bigger if you don’t want it too snug.
  • Non-antimicrobial material

Mixed martial arts



Pressure Grappling Women’s Premium BJJ Long Sleeve Rash Guard


If you’re looking to make a statement on the mats, this Pressure Grappling rash guard is what you’re looking for. With its vibrant colors, it will stand out just like you no-gi game. Features a durable and stretchy material and rubberized grips in the waist. Keeps you rash guard in place while you’re taking the back mount.



  • Bright and fresh design
  • Rubberized waist



  • It’s better to hang dry, so it takes take after you wash it.
  • Not antimicrobial



grappling martial arts


Fuji Women’s 2507 Kimono Rash Guard


Fuji women’s rash guard has a cool kimono design.

The rashguards material is stretchy and flexible.

The graphics are excellent and are printed in a way that it will not crack or fade.



  • Bright and fresh design
  • The design is brilliant and will not fade



  • The material is a little thin
  • Not antimicrobial


Best No-Gi Jiu-Jitsu Shorts for Women




Submission wrestling


Pressure Grappling Women’s Grappling Shorts


These Pressure Grappling shorts were built with grapplers in mind. It featured a reinforced inseam and made with the durable yet flexible material. It features an elastic waistband with rubberized grips to keep them in place.



  • Reinforced so keeps them from ripping
  • Rubberized waistband



  • Shorts feature slits in the legs, so you need to wear spats under them.
  • Need to size up when getting a pair


no gi jiu-jitsu gear



UN92 Women Flex Fighter MMA Fight Shorts


UN92 Flex Fighter shorts are for BJJ no gi players who want a no-nonsense pair of shorts. These are low key but pack a lot of features. With a reinforced inseam and hook and loop closure for the waistband. Great for competition or training.



  • The waistband stays in place because of its good closure system.
  • Low key design



  • None antimicrobial
  • 5” side slits may be too big for some




no-gi jiu-jitsu gear


Pressure Grappling Women’s Jiu Jitsu Shorts


Pressure Grappling shorts are great for your next no-gi session. Feature a moisture wicking material and are made of a durable and stretchy material. The inseams are reinforced and last over time.




  • Waistband features silicone grippers
  • Print made with a non-fading material



  • Thigh area a little snug
  • Not true to size, so you have to size up



no gi jiu-jitsu tournaments


Dragon Do 2 Women’s BJJ Shorts


Dragon Do fight shorts are lightweight and very durable. Lasts many training sessions.

The microfiber material is stretchy and is fast drying. Keeping you fresh from start to finish.



  • Lightweight and durable
  • Non-fading print



  • Non-antimicrobial
  • Not true to size, so you have to size up




no gi jiu-jitsu near me


Jaco Women BJJ Short Spats


Jaco BJJ shorts are great for the BJJ player who wants the minimalist feeling. They are lightweight and fit the frame well. They are zipper and clasp free, so there is nothing to snag when you are rolling.



  • Moisture wicking
  • Hugs from well and provides compression



  • May ride up if too big so is careful when picking your size.
  • Must be careful when drying


Wrapping Things Up


No-Gi Jiu-Jitsu is fun and adds more to your BJJ game. I hope you enjoyed learning the difference between both and how you can transition from Gi BJJ to no gi. Also helping you choose the right gear to help you get started.Once you begin no gi, you can see what all the excitement is all about. Keep learning and keep rolling