Brazilian Jiu jitsu as you know is one of the most dominant ground fighting forms.That’s why it’s one of my favorite forms of martial arts and since you’re here it’s one of yours too.
Most people start off doing Gi-BJJ that’s how I started. In the past I have talked about Gi-BJJ and no-gi BJJ.I have talked about what to wear in both. In no-gi there are many options to wear. We have gone over all of them. Such as spats, rash guards and today, we will talk about shorts.

You’re probably thinking you can wear any kind of shorts then hit the mats. Being there are shorts specifically made for BJJ and grappling. There are many options to choose from.So, sit back and relax and let go through the journey of finding your next favorite pair of grappling shorts.

Have you ever wondered why BJJ shorts look just like surf board shorts? Well just like how surfers started training BJJ and wearing their rash guards. They were also wearing their board shorts too.So that’s how the no-gi shorts were born for Jiu Jitsu.

As you will come to find out not all BJJ and grappling shorts are built the same. Compared to your normal type board shorts or other type of shorts there are some important features that they must have. Let’s go over all of them…


Having the right length is important. The shorts must fit well on or above hip bone. They must be above or at the knees but must not pass them to be good for BJJ.

Side Cuts

I recommend shorts with side cuts. The side cuts help when performing BJJ movements. Also, keep your movements unrestricted.

Side Slits

Locking mechanism

When rolling you need to have your shorts stay on your comfortably without falling off. You should look for shorts with drawing waistband. Having a hook and loop fly enclosures and a flap that goes over the drawstring area.

Locking mechanism

Other Things To Look For…

Things to look out for would be shorts without pockets.When the shorts have pockets, it’s not safe to train with them and also cannot be used for competitions.The reason for this is having your opponents limbs or fingers or toes stuck in the pockets. Which can cause injury.

Knowing all this did you know there is one last type of short you can use for BJJ? They are Vale Tudo shorts. These are a hybrid type short. I recommend these for people who want a closer fit. You have seen these worn by MMA practitioners such as Anderson Silva and Daniel Cormier.

Now that you know what to look for check out some of the best BJJ shorts that I recommend.

Bad Boy Men’s Legacy BJJ Shorts

When I think of Bad Boy.I think of old school BJJ and MMA.Bad Boy is a trusted brand and the Jiu-Jitsu community. The legacy shorts highlights what Bad Boy is known for.Fits well and stays put with its classic drawstring velcro enclosure. Made with a very flexible and stretchy material that is very comfortable when you sprawl. With these shorts, you can be a bad boy on the mats.

Venum Camo Hero BJJ Shorts

Venom is a recognizable brand when it comes to BJJ and MMA. As an owner of a few Venum shorts, I can say they are made of the best materials. That will last you through hours of training.The camo hero shorts are made of a polyester microfiber blend. They are very flexible yet tough. Reinforced in all the areas that let you move freely without worrying about ripping your shorts. A great pair of no-gi shorts you should try out.


TITLE Elite Series Fight Shorts 4

These TITLE shorts are a great starting point when you want to get some no-gi training gear.If you are looking for affordable cheap no-gi shorts. These are a great starting point. The side panels on these shorts make these very flexible. So when your scrambling for a position they will stay put helping you concentrate on that submission.

Anthem Athletics Defiance Shorts

Anthem Athletics has caught my eye when it comes to the new BJJ gear.
These good-looking shorts feature a unique sublimated design. Which will last a long time and will not crack or fade.The crotch features of 4-way stretch design which keeps it very flexible. Which is great for when you’re rolling. With a Tru-fit design, the shorts are great for when you hit the mats.

Hayabusa Metaru Jiu-Jitsu Shorts

Hayabusa is one of my loved brands. When it comes to quality and grapplers needs in mind.They feature a hardware-free waistband without the use of drawstrings or hook and loop enclosures. This waistband keeps the shorts comfortable and in place even when you’re scrambling on the mats. The Metaru is IBJJF compliance which comes in all belt colors so gets you ready for your next competition. These are the best no-gi shorts that I recommend that you pick up.

RDX BJJ Shorts

These RDX shorts show what this brand brings to us BJJ players. You can get them at a great value and very durable to boot. They feature side slits which help out when you are grappling. Made with a moisture wicking antimicrobial material


Anthem Athletics Resilience BJJ Shorts

Here is another great entry from Anthem Athletics. We all know how I feel about their gear already. These shorts feature all those great things and more.Made of a durable tear resistant, moisture wicking and flexible fabric. They have side slits and a velcro drawstring enclosure. That keeps them on you when you’re rolling hard.


Phalanx Mens Fight Shorts

Phalanx Athletics makes awesome BJJ gear. Made by BJJ players for BJJ players.These fight shorts have many great features . They are made of an antimicrobial, moisture wicking and flexible fabric.These phalanx bjj shorts are also IBJJF compliant. So you can wear them on your next match.

Gold BJJ Jiu-Jitsu Shorts – IBJJF Approved No Gi Fight Shorts

Gold BJJ has always made some of my favorite gear.These IBJJF approved shorts tick all the boxes that we BJJ players are looking for.They are flexible and durable. Meaning they will last you a long time. Also, the simple design will match anyone’s tastes.

Sanabul Series 1 Combat BJJ Shorts

These Sanabul shorts are a great pair of grappling shorts. Well-made lightweight and are antimicrobial. Keeping your skin fresh after long grappling sessions. When paired with Sanabul Series 1 Combat BJJ rash guard. It makes a great no gi bundle.

Anthem Athletics HELO-X Vale Tudo Compression Shorts

The Helo-X line is a great line by Anthem Athletics. These Vale Tudo shorts are great for those who want a low profile grappling short.They feature a dual locking waistband which keeps them in place. The sublimated design will look great after many hard training sessions.

Hypnotik The Standard Ranked Vale Tudo Shorts

Hypnotik makes some unique looking BJJ gear.These great looking pair of Vale Tudo shorts are one of them.They are IBJJF approved which means you can get them in your rank color. Being antimicrobial and moisture wicking they keep you and the shorts clean.They fit well and will be comfortable throughout your rolling sessions.


I hope after following along you learned more about the best Brazilian jiu jitsu no gi shorts. We all learned that not all shorts are made the same and to choose the type that fits you best. Whichever ever you choose I hope that my recommendations are helpful. Also, a brand I wanted to recommend is 93 brand they make some great shorts and other BJJ gear. If you want more Amazon choices. You can see more bjj gear sale items here.